suicide bomber blew a hole on the side of a Somali airliner on a flight from Mogadishu and was sucked out

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Tune In To Jammy's Radio Live!

suicide bomber blew a hole on the side of a Somali airliner on a flight from Mogadishu and was sucked out

On Tuesday February 2, an explosion on Daallo Airlines ripped a 8' hole in the side of the Daallo Airlines jet, after which only the suspect was reportedly sucked out of the decompressed cabin. (yay)

Somali state TV (SNTV) aired CCTV footage on Sunday showing what it said were the suspects behind the airplane blast. The footage showed three men exchanging what appeared to be a laptop at a coffee shop at the airport.

Abdullahi Abbdisalam Borleh, a Somali national, has been named by authorities as the man who was sucked out of Flight 3159. His badly burnt body was found some 30km outside the Somali capital.

Somali government spokesman Abdisalam Aato told Al Jazeera on Sunday that more than 20 suspects were in custody in connections with the explosion.

No group has claimed responsibility for the plane blast as yet, so it is not clear if it is political or religious based. So many illiterate idiots exist in poor countries, that both political and religious leaders can easily find ready and willing personnel to exact a stupid act of slaughter to appease his (it will always ONLY be male driven) sadistic desires.

None of these kinds of mass killings through history has ever made any change to a political structure, so to continue doing this is nothing more than the fetish of a single old male in a religious power position, such as the pope, imam, swami or other kinds of religious institutions that hear commands of destruction from their imaginary god.

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| February, 7th, 2016
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